Marble stone

Marble stone:

Marble stone

The limestone formed from the calm and unlimited sea sediments millions of years ago. The marble has veins and fossils that give it a special beauty. The marble has chains called acetolites, which are found in the heart tissue in stone tissue.

Due to the presence of impurities, these stones are marble in bright, dark, colored colors such as worm, red, brown, pink, black, mustard, green, etc. Mineral materials obtained from impurities, marble in various colors. Give away Pure marble stone has a white and brilliant color. The light gray to black color is produced by carbonaceous materials. Green colors are usually produced by chlorite or other silicates. Pink and red are due to the presence of very fine particles of Hemotype or Manganese carbonate, and yellow and cream due to the presence of limonitis.

Marble stone is a valuable stone for its beauty, strength and resistance to fire and erosion. Iranians and ancient Greeks used the stone in their monuments and statues. Italian artist Michelangelo used Italian marble (Carrara) in many sculptures.

In contrast to travertine, marble stone is more widely used for floor and stairs due to its higher hardness and porosity.

Marble is an ideal application in the interior and exterior of the carpet. Most of these rocks come from India and a minority from China and have a very good market in Iran. Examples of marble rocks include Green Marbles, Enix, Emperador Light, and Dark.

Apart from a variety of colors, you can find the most beautiful roles on the marbles. This feature, coupled with the appropriate subobjection, has made the marble a realistic idea for the optimal interior space. Because there is no cold, hot, snow, rain, corrosive attack, wear and shock; instead, the warmth and interior design of the interior and interior are very good. If these rocks are processed by specialist machetes and resins, they can greatly enhance their capabilities and have the same lifetime we need.

Marble rocks are also weak and strong. This strength and weakness can be detected in a variety of ways. Personal experience, asking for stone sellers, using pressure and wear resistance tables and case reviews can help you achieve the desired result. It is necessary to use more solid and sturdy marble for the staircase floor and common spaces. And if we are to select a marble stone for a public hospital or a public space, then we have to pay close attention to this issue.