Traonyx Stone

Traonyx Stone

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Traonyx Stone

Travertine stone is one of the limestone stones, and is relatively modest in sedimentary rocks, a mixture of travertine and marble.

Traonyx stones are in different colors: Yellow Travancos, Red Traviants, White Trawhites and Chocolate Trawls. This stone is a porous cemented limestone and is the result of mineral springs of chemical origin, and sometimes biochemical.

In the market of sales and trade, the mining industry is known as Stone Travertine and Marble (Aragonite, Onyx or Trabzon carbonate).

Travertine Stone are both extracted minerals from a variety of colors in color, green and light, smoky, light gray, white and white, bright red earth, dark lime, pale brown, brownish, brownish, bouquet, Alvan and beige are seen.

These colors can be wavy or non-wavy, simple, plaited and rotated. According to petrographic studies, this stone is completely composed of carbonate deposits and the main deposits of this stone include calcite, aragonite and iron carbonate.

The list is the products of the Stone of Traonyx, the Stone of the Trawhites of Kerman, the Rainbow Trawl and ….